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Residential Painting
Your home should be your sanctuary. From the moment you pull up to your house you should feel relief. Then, as you walk into your home you should be able to breathe the stress away. All of that has to do with what your home looks like, on the exterior and interior. A look that you have created how inside of your mind. Color has a lot to do with that, as does appearance. Here at Hagerman’s Painting we continue to help homeowners create the look that they have always wanted, day in and out! Whether we paint that picket fence white, create color in a room to help enhance a mood or maybe it’s the stain that brings out the grain of wood. Regardless of your situation or need, we always do our best to enhance and bring out your vision of your home! We understand that our residential customers are the core of our business. If you are looking for any of our services listed then, look no further.

Commercial Painting
If you are a business owner in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley or Slate Belt areas then you understand the importance of the appearance of your business and maintaining it. Whether you are looking to bring potential people / clients to your door, or trying to attract people into your store as they pass by, appearance matters. "A picture is word a thousand words" is how the saying goes, what type of picture are you presenting? If you are a restaurant with a chipped sign out front, with paint peeling off your door, trim missing, and dreary colors, you are probably hurting your business more then you are helping it. Paint can really set the tone for how someone views whatever it may be that you are trying to sell. Regardless of the business field, doctor's office, coffee shop, school or university, hair salon, clothing store, restaurant, ice cream shop, gym or sports complex, or antique shop appearance is key.

Getting them in the door is the first part, allow Hagerman's Painting to help you with that. The rest is up to you, and we know you can handle that part!

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